SEAL Ship Training Horizons, Inc.

TESDA Accredited Training & Assessment Center


     The idea of putting up the company started from a mere over-a-cup-of-coffee talk with some friends who were involved in the world of training and documentation for seafarers prior to going on board.  Before long, we mobilized and started gathering connections and resources on how to come up with something that can be wholesomely offered to the community who would be benefitted by the exercise.

     Our group, composed mostly of seafarers themselves (Chief Engineers, Ship Captain, Chief Mate) with the others from other various related sectors who, though diverse in our fields, has one thing in common:  the desire to be God’s hand in assisting those who come to our fold.  We want to be able to cut the mould for good products (for the maritime, HRM, household, OCW people et al) to be useful for the society and for the world, in wherever they would eventually practice their careers or land a job in, after having been trained and assessed in the Center that we intend to set up for them.

     In fast-forward mode, a world-class Center came about and it was agreed that a short list of courses such as Housekeeping, Bartending (eventually looking to include Barista), Food and Beverage, Messman-Steward, Front Office, Bookkeeping, Commercial Cooking, Culinary and other related courses be offered in the pursuit of providing training and assessment to the seafarers and to those who desire to be employed with land-based jobs locally or internationally.

  Bending over to the many inquiries we received, we have lately added the in-house culinary programs covering Asian, Continental/Carribean/ European/Mediterranean/International cuisines and a special "Heal-thy-heart menus",  additional programs in baking and pastry making.  For manning agencies, we offer a PRIOR-TO-HIRING TRADE TEST by an experienced Chef, with guaranteed immediate, truthful results.

     With the blessings and guidance from Above, we at the Center will do our best to provide the services we have ventured to offer to those whom we pledge to serve.


      The Center aims to prioritize service above earnings to all who come to its doorstep.  Aware of the usual financial position of the trainees and assessees, each and every person will be given maximum attention and assistance according to the requirements they need.  The staff are instructed to ensure that, regardless of strata, they will be afforded service with a smile, disciplined but warm, full-baked and rounded, so that when they get out of the door, they will feel the embrace of a red-carpet treatment that knows no delineation between the rich and poor, smart or less smart, good looking or plain.  The Center embraces the mandate of God to offer services with a passion and compassion to everyone, unconditionally.


     The Center looks forward to be a hub that would be known, by word of mouth, for its excellent handling of training, assessment and other allied services that it needs to provide as the participants require when they come.  It is expected to meet their demanding requirements according to the guidelines of TESDA and other agencies for the issuance of certifications to them to be qualified for the work they aim to apply for.